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Al-Maysoon departments are responsible to cover all sales requirements, including after sale services. They are also accountable to give solutions to all activities concerning supply and distribution of products from our sister companies.

More over, these sections are really coordinated with all services of hospital rehabilitation. They are matched with all cases of turnkey projects in medical and industrial fields as well.

These departments also have duties in estimating all offers coming from our sister companies in the divisions mentioned below and following up all commercial detail needs:

Medical equipments, furniture of hospital, clinics, labs, education, industrial equipments, spare parts, RO factories, heavy and light equipments in bridge, road & building constructions, food supplies specially frozen chicken, meat and chemical cleaners etc.

Al-Maysoon departments deem themselves responsible to respond to all technical requirements, starting from studying all tenders issued by the majority of ministries in Iraq, specially ministry of health and ministry of high education.

Even the local and the humanitarian organization in Baghdad will setup all services starting from submitting offers of our sister company Gebruder Martin GmbH & Co.KG. in cooperation with the marketing department.

We will follow up all technical requirements till we have them as contracts.

Each and one of these departments are specialist in different fields of infrastructures, like designing, estimating, supplying and assembling all machines required to complete the whole job of the above mentioned departments.

Al-Maysoon departments will also complete the works of our projects and follow up all after sale services and even maintain the previous supplies of our sister companies Gebruder Martin GmbH & Co.KG. and Al-Saffaq General Contracting Company Ltd.

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